6 Christmas Prophecies

It's the week before Christmas, so I'm going to do a countdown beginning today from 7 to 1, with 1 being on Christmas Day. Each day will have a different topic.

Today I'm sharing with you 6 prophecies fulfilled with the birth of Jesus or shortly thereafter.

Prophecies #1 and #2: Isaiah 7:14

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In this verse we actually get two specific and astonishing prophecies that are fulfilled by Jesus.  First, the prophecy that He will be conceived and born of a virgin and second that He will be called Immanuel.

The virgin birth is indeed a miracle only possibly by God, but for God (as Gabriel reminded Mary) all things are possible.  The virgin birth is important because it is the fulfillment of this prophecy, but also because Jesus was born without having the sinful nature passed on to Him as would have happened with a "normal" conception and birth. 

That Jesus is called Immanuel (or Emmanuel, same word, different spelling) is maybe even more amazing than the virgin birth.  Immanuel/Emmanuel means "God with us" and in fact the creator of the universe entered into the world as a helpless baby so that He could redeem His creatures.  The very one who spoke all things into existence, the same one who's hands hung the stars in the sky, became a helpless baby inside of Mary, was laid in a manger, and was completely dependent upon Mary and Joseph for everything. And He willingly humbled Himself in that way so that He could be born and live under the law and keep it perfectly, then give us the perfection He accomplished. 

Prophecy #3: Micah 5:2

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The Messiah (as King Herod learned) was to be born in Bethlehem.  Now, Bethlehem was the city from which King David had come, but Bethlehem was a tiny town with little political significance.  Jerusalem is the city that would have been chosen if it were up to people to decide...or maybe even Rome since it was the most important city of all.  But as the prophecy of Micah said some 700 years before the birth of Jesus, it would be in Bethlehem that the Messiah would be born.

Prophecy #4: Isaiah 9:6-7

A child who will rule over over an everlasting kingdom? A child who could be called "Mighty God?"  The Christ child is the fulfillment of this prophecy.

Prophecy #5: Isaiah 11:1

The kingdom of David will have fallen, prophesied Isaiah, as indicated by "the stump of Jesse" (remember that Jesse was David's father).  But from that seemingly dead line will come forth a shoot. Jesus was that shoot that sprang up from the stump of Jesse.  He established the greater Kingdom of which David's kingdom had only been a shadow.

Prophecy #6: Hosea 11:1

This one comes a bit after Christmas, but still while Jesus was quite young.  After the Magi visited, Joseph was warned in a dream to flee to Egypt because Herod was going to try to have Jesus killed.  Joseph quickly packed up the gifts received from the Magi, probably a few other possessions as well, and he and his family high tailed it to Egypt.  But after word reached Joseph that Herod had died, they returned to the area, settling in Nazareth.  This was the fulfillment, Matthew's gospel tells us, of this prophecy.  Jesus, you see, was the very personification of the people of Israel and so these words find their full meaning in Him.

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