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Baby Joel, Miscarriage, and the Love of God

Below is what I wrote for the church newsletter some 6 years ago after we lost a child, Joel, to miscarriage. Maybe it can be of some comfort to others who are enduring or have endured such a tragedy. “ Naked I came from my mother’s womb, And naked shall I return there. The LORD gave, and the LORD has taken away; Blessed be the name of the LORD.” (Job 1:21)

What a blessing the people of God are!  We have been surrounded with love and support, lifted up in prayer, and embraced with loving arms during this difficult time.  You are likely aware by now that while on vacation, Christine and I lost our unborn baby.  While the tragedy of a miscarriage is terribly difficult, we give thanks to God for the loving, supportive, and prayerful people of God during this time.  We truly appreciate the cards, phone calls, hugs, tears, meals, and everything else that you have given to us during this time.

We have lost a member of our family.  Though unborn, our baby was truly already part of our family…

Married to an Unbeliever?

The image of a family, nicely (and conservatively) dressed, going to church together is a nice one, though this 1950's image certainly isn't typical even for many active Christians today (and that's okay).  Notice that the man in the image has full head of hair, the wife is a size 0, and the children are all smiling perfectly.  How realistic is that?

But there are also men and women who don't fit this picture because their spouse simply won't come to church with them because they are married to a non-Christian.

It can be incredibly difficult to be a Christian who is married to a non-Christian.

Such Christians face the following...

Instead of receiving help from your spouse in your Christian walk, your spouse is indifferent to the things of God (at best) or hostile to them.Your spouse isn't going to pray with you or do devotions with you.Holidays are challenging because Christmas and Easter are Christian festivals, but for the unbelieving spouse they are someth…

Evangelism in the Rural Setting: Part III, Getting Started

George McClellan was an impressive young man who had just been given a great deal of responsibility as general-in-chief of the Union Army during the Civil War. McClennan was only 34 years old when he took over this position, but he was an impressive individual and had the skills to be successful and make the Union Army successful.

However, when McClennan arrived, the army he was to command was in disorder. In short order McClennan changed the disorder to regular military order. The troops were regularly drilled. The training was thorough and regular. Very quickly the army that had been in disastrous disorder was put in good order. Soon they were well trained and ready to fight.

But McClennan, who had so thoroughly trained and prepared the troops for battle, simply refused to put them into battle. Again and again he had opportunities to use his now well trained army to win battles and further the cause of winning the war, but again and again he simply refused to put them into ac…