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Pastor Gravesmill

Yesterday Pastor Keith Gravesmill died. He was, I believe, only 50 years old.

This is indeed a sad thing.  He was a faithful pastor and friend to many.

Christine and I attended Our Savior, where he served, for most of our college years.  It was about a 20 minute drive and there were several other congregations that were closer, but Pastor Gravesmill's faithfulness and the warmth and welcome of the congregation was well worth the drive.

I doubt that he would have remembered me.  Christine and I were just some of the many college kids who made their way through his congregation, being spiritually fed while away from our home congregations.  And yet he had a deep impact on me.

He and his wife welcomed us (along with other college aged students) into his home, fed us, and talked about the things of God with us.  The joy with which he served was contagious.

He was a good communicator from the pulpit, but it was his love for his people and for his Lord that made listening to him just a …