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Jury Duty

It's been a while since my last post, but that simply can't be avoided when in comes to December and serving as a pastor, father, husband, etc....

I've been summonsed for jury duty and today was sworn in. So here are a few observations concerning jury duty:
Jury duty is inconvenient.  Having to schedule around it for things like teaching confirmation, sermon prep, visiting shut-ins, etc. is a pain.Few people seemed excited to be there today.Jury duty is important.  After all, wouldn't you want someone like you on the jury if you had to go to trial?Jury duty is a God given responsibility.   Seriously.  It is a God given responsibility.
The way that our court system is designed is that there is to be a jury of peers and the way that God has designed it is that as Christians we are to be good citizens, obedient to those who are governing.

God rules earthly matters through government, which He established (see Romans 13).  Because God has established the government under wh…