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Please Read This Before Choosing A College

Choosing the right college isn't easy.  Things like the size of the school, academic reputation, majors offered, and available housing are all considerations.  The odds are good that before choosing a college, you've made at least one visit to get a feel for the campus and investigate things.
But there's one aspect of choosing a college that is far too often overlooked by parents and students and that is the spiritual life of the student.
Ah, but you think, "I'm sending my child to a Christian college, so they'll be good to go!"  As much as I wish that this were true, it simply isn't.  Many colleges that have a Christians heritage are now Christian in name only or far worse, they retain some of the outward appearances of being Christian while actively teaching things that undermine the Christian faith and can be detrimental to the spiritual life of students. 
So before you choose a college, please consider the following. 1. Does the college claim to b…