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20 Ideas for Holy Week

Oftentimes Christians feel like they should do something during Holy Week (besides attending services on Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday).  So here are some ideas that you might consider using during Holy Week.  Consider picking one or two things and then make sure you put plans in place to make it happen.

Read a gospel (Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John) from start to finish, either by yourself or with your family.Pick a hymn and learn it by heart (listening to it on an mp3 player, spotify, YouTube, etc., can be help you do this).Memorize Scripture. Here are some good verses, that you might not yet know, but are very much worth memorizing.
Colossians 2:13-14 
Romans 6:3-5 
Revelation 1:17-18
John 20:21-23Review the catechism, using each day of Holy Week to review one of the 6 chief parts.Pray for your pastor and all pastors as they prepare to proclaim the gospel.Pray for your fellow church members, going through a directory and praying for each member by name.Ask y…

The Stone and the Holy House: A Parable on Christ's Holy Temple...the Church

There once was a stone.  This stone wasn’t a particularly large stone and it was rather oddly shaped.  It was kind triangular in its shape, but not a beautifully well proportioned triangle or an exotic triangle with sharp lines, but it was only somewhat triangular in its shape.  It had one really jagged edge and one dull, rounded edge, and it was somewhat concaved in the middle.
This stone wasn’t a particularly beautiful stone either.  It wasn’t distinctly black or white, but grayish.  And it didn’t have any reflective qualities, but it was rather dull.
This stone wasn’t particularly large, it was oddly shaped, and dull. 

It was not a special stone.
And yet, it was a special Stone. 

The Stone knew both of these things to be true, that it wasn’t a special stone and yet that it was.  It was special, not because of any particular quality that it had or because it stood out amongst other stones, but because it had been chosen by the Builder.
The Builder had picked up this stone, a long…