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A what if story: Jonah and the Captain

I’ve always wondered if Jonah ever again saw the sailors and captain from the boat he had boarded when trying to flee from God.  He'd told them that they had to throw him overboard in order for the storm to stop, so I imagine they figured he was dead. 
I’ve also wondered if God’s lesson really stuck for Jonah.  
So, below is what I imagine could have happened in Jonah ever did again meet up with the captain of that ship.
It must be a ghost!
The old sea captain blinked and shook his head.This couldn’t be, could it?
Standing before him was a man he had watched be thrown to his death.More than that, the old captain had been the one who had commanded his sailors to throw the man into the sea.He’d never forgotten the man’s name either. How can you forget the name of a person for whose death you are responsible?
His name was Jonah.
Over and over again the captain had played things out in his mind.He hadn’t wanted to throw Jonah into the sea.They had jettisoned all of their precious carg…