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A Layperson's Theological Library

I love books.  I didn't always, but thanks to encouragement from my parents (and the need to read as a pastor) I have learned to love reading.

And since I love books, I have a lot of them.  My personal library is large and always growing.  I have massive theology books, small children's books, and everything in between.  I have read good books and lousy books, helpful books and heretical books.

But for the average Christian, with the large numbers of books that exist, where are they to start in trying to build a good, personal/family library?  What books would be helpful and theologically trustworthy?

Here's a start...I'll add to it from time to time, but this is a good place to begin.

"The Spirituality of the Cross" by Gene Edward Veith Jr.
This is a fantastic book for someone who is new to Lutheranism, but will also be greatly beneficial to the well seasoned reader.  Veith takes the reader with him through his own personal journey and through his st…