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Evangelism, Apologetics, and Assimilation Resources

I thought it might be useful to put my things concerning evangelism and assimilation in one post for easy access.  Just click on a post below and off you go.
EvangelismEvangelism in the Rural Setting: Part I, Obstacles

Evangelism in the Rural Setting: Part II, Advantages

Evangelism in the Rural Setting: Part III, Getting Started

ApologeticsMocking Christians
Prepared: Ready to Witness in Rural and Small Town Areas (webinar)

AssimilationAssimilation in Rural and Small Town Congregations (webinar)
Something I forgot to mention that I should have, is simply doing a time and talent survey that involves everyone in the congregation (especially new members) and then following up by making use of the information.

A Welcoming Congregation (a Bible Study I put together for my congregation).

A book I found particularly helpful in thinking about assimilation is "Inviting Community" which is edited by Kolb and Hopkins.  Each chapter was written by a seminary professor. I cannot overstate ho…

The Football Video Games of My Youth

In my last post I covered some of the classic baseball games I loved to play when I was a kid.  Here's a follow up on some of my favorite football games.

1. Realsports Football  The Atari was not a great system for sports games, but this game was my introduction to playing a football video game.  My older brother Seth and I played this quite a bit.  It was primitive, but it was the best game going at the time.

2. John Elway's Quarterback This was far from the most sophisticated game, but it stands out to me for two reasons.  First, growing up in western Colorado, John Elway was the man. Colorado is Broncos crazy, so it was cool that the Broncos QB had a game.  Second, if you used "reverse play" or "normal play" and throw a bomb to a receiver, the receiver would become crazy fast and you could literally run around the field and use up the entire quarter, scoring with no time left on the clock.

Not a great game, but it was fun.

3. Tecmo Super BowlThis is the b…

The Baseball Video Games of My Youth

I rarely blog about things not related to my call as pastor.  Usually I write for Christians about things that are of eternal importance.

This post is not at all like that.  This is just me reminiscing.

Recently I've been introducing my kids to some of the video games I grew up playing. I played a lot of different types of video games, but sports have always been my favorite genre.  So, without any further introduction, here is my list of top baseball video games from my childhood.

1. Atari Baseball This was a terrible game.  Truly awful.  But it was the first baseball video game I ever played and for that reason it deserves to be mentioned.

2.  RBI BaseballThis was the first game I remember using real baseball players.  It was a blast to play, but it had a major weakness in that the starting pitchers would fatigue quickly and there were only 4 pitchers per team. You reasonably needed to use all 4 pitchers to get through a game, but if you played a season, your starting pitchers w…