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Be Careful Little Ears What You Hear

Music is powerful.  You can probably still sing songs you learned as a child.  You could hear a couple of words to the lyrics of a song that was big 25 years ago, that you haven't heard more than a couple of times since then, and you could still rattle off the lyrics.

Music is powerful.  There's an old maxim that is tossed around by theologians "lex orandi, lex credendi" (which means something like "the law of praying/worship is the law of believing."  In other words, the word and way in which you worship is both determined by and simultaneously determines what you believe.

So the words of a song, used in worship, will both be determined by what is believed, but will also shape what is believed.

Music is powerful.  Perhaps that is why Christian music artists are given such powerful voices in the Christian community today (that and the fact that the celebrity driven culture has infected even the church).

There's no way to cover everything concerning the …