Marriage, Communication, and Foreign Culture

How difficult would a marriage be if the husband and wife spoke different languages?  Imagine a marriage in which the husband speaks Greek and the wife speaks English.  How long would the marriage last if neither spouse made an effort to learn their partner's language?  Probably not too long.

In reality husbands and wives generally do speak the same language as far as the words that come out of their mouths, but they communicate in very different ways.  Differing love languages, the difference between men and women and varying family backgrounds can all make for challenges in marriage.

Think about how you would learn a foreign culture and take the same approach to your spouse, because after all, you do have very great differences.  Don't assume they think the same way that you think or see the world the same way as you see it or understand your actions the same way that you understand them.

If you take this approach you'll get to know your spouse in a far better way, communicate better, and have a stronger marriage.


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