The Descent of Man

Recently the big news was that David Petraeus, the retired 4 Star General, former Commander of U.S. Forces in Afghanistan, director of the CIA, had hastily resigned after it was discovered that he had been having an affair.

This is indeed a sad story, as it is always sad when a marriage is damaged by infidelity.  It is a tragic story for the wife of Petraeus.

But what pricked my interest was the comments that I heard after the news broke.
"The problem is that Americans have a prudish view of sexuality."
"We need to be more like European and South American nations that simply expect for leaders to have a mistress.  After all, this is simply how men are wired.  We can't expect them not to have a mistress."
"What's the big deal?  Clinton did the same thing and stayed in office."

Sadly, the reason Petraeus had to retire wasn't because he had acted immorally or lowered his office by his behavior, but because in having an affair he might have opened himself up to blackmail and become a security risk.

But these comments reveal the logical end of a Darwinian worldview.
When one starts with a Darwinian worldview...
  •  then there are no absolutes.  
  • what is right and wrong is determined by a society or an individual, but those things are not absolute because there is no lawgiver.  
  • marriage is simply a social construct that is largely out of date.
  • sex with multiple partners is to be expected.
  • there really isn't a reason to be ashamed when an affair is discovered.
One's worldview impacts a great deal.
On the other hand if we start with God's Word as the foundation...
  • there are absolutes.
  • God determines what is right and wrong and reveals that in His Word.
  • marriage is a gift from God and is defined by God.
  • sex is a wonderful gift to be enjoyed only by husband and wife.
  • when sex occurs outside of marriage, there should be shame, repentance, and the desire to change one's behavior so that man can live as God, the creator, intends.
This is simply the tip of the iceberg in how one's views of everyday thing can be massively different depending on the foundation.  If Darwinian evolution is your starting point, then you will see most things as relative.  If God's Word is your starting point, you have a sure compass for what is right and what is wrong, what is good and what is evil.


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