Man Up!

Men have a lot of authority. God has made the husband the head of the household. God has given to men the leadership roles in the church.

But something that far too often is overlooked by men is this; authority is only given where responsibility is given.

Authority = Responsibility.

Men, you are responsible for making sure your family is in God's house. Men, You are responsible for leading, or at the very least overseeing, family devotions. Men, you are responsible to be spiritual leaders in the church and in order to be leaders, you must be trained and equipped for the task. That is your responsibility.

If you aren't presently doing devotions with your family you should start. There are many ways to do this. You could read from the Bible together and talk about it. You could use a devotion book that is appropriate for the age of the children in your family or if you don't have kids you could do a devotion with your wife.

Here's what I do with my family.

At the end of the day, not too long before bedtime, we get together in the family room for our devotion time. I read from a picture Bible that helps our children to learn the basic Bible Stories. "The Picture Bible" and "The Story Bible" are good options for this.

After we read one section, we talk very briefly about it, relating it to our lives today. Then I ask our children two question; "What do you what to ask God for?" and "What do you want to ask God for?" Their answers range from amazingly deep to things as simple as thanking God for football.

Then I lead them in prayer, including the things they are thankful for and the things they want to ask God for.

After that we might sing some songs together, but that's it. Simple. Easy. Anyone can do it. This simple act of doing devotions with your family will do wonders for them and for you.


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